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A Global initiative that aims to provide workshops, mentoring and short-term work experience for top-performing students who may not have access to such opportunities. 


What is the impact of Pupils to Professionals?

Since 2014, 43 students from Europe and Africa have completed the work experience program, in addition to 570 students from the UK who have participated in career workshops

During these experiences, they learn about the many different areas within a company and hear from the leaders about the different career paths available to them. Also in recent years students have had the experience of connecting with a Global CEO

Currently the team is in discussions to roll out P2P across South America, Asia and other European countries.

Our model is easily adaptable for any country and company, and something which we are happy to share with those who would like to get involved to provide similar opportunities. Please find instructions on the blog posts below and just drop us an email if you would like to know more.

We are advocates of United Nations SDG10: Reduce inequality within & among countries 

Why Pupils to Professionals?

Pupils to professionals gives young people around the world an opportunity to build both soft and technical skills, gain mentors and connect with leaders across industries through first hand work experiences & career workshops.


We focus on providing these opportunities to students who wouldn't get easy access to them otherwise, and have the academic potential to use the experience as a spring board to greater achievements.

For participating organisations, it provides a great way to give back, with senior leaders sharing their insights, while also providing a development opportunity for young leaders to lead a cross-functional initiative and learn to support the future workforce "Generation Z".

Who is the team?

Europe: Shuwel Ahmed

Africa - West: Adetokunbo Adekalu

Africa - East: James Kumbura 

The initiative started in 2014 with Shuwel Ahmed, providing 9 UK based students international work experience opportunities from 2014 - 2018.

After attending One Young World 2018 at the Hague, and connecting with Adetokunbo and James who believed in the vision of Pupils to Professionals, with their leadership the initiative expanded to Africa in 2019.


Through the network of young leaders made in One Young World, plans are in place to roll out the initiative in South America, Asia and other European countries.



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