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How to run Pupils to Professionals?

If you would like to know how to run your own pupils to professionals initiative, here are the steps, in case you have any questions or need further support, please email us at

1: Endorsement locally from sponsor within your organisation to go ahead (Can be HR, Line manager, Mentor)

2: Understand if there any special legal / HR requirements locally

3: Identify school / local organization which can provide access to students

– Example 1 Organization: Teach for all / UK SEO London is a non-profit organization which supports providing corporate opportunities to students coming from under represented minorities and / or low income households

–Example 2 School: Local school close proximity to your office location, where talented students without easy access to opportunities can be identified

–Example 3 Informal: Made aware of talented students coming from under privileged / under-represented minorities through your own network

4: Prepare schedule and contact list of company employees for the students to meet, reach out to contacts accordingly

5: Identify the students to bring into your office, ensure logistics / travel arrangements are planned accordingly

6: Book meeting room / desk space for students to have available during visit, meetings rooms with leaders where applicable

7: Ensure students bring their own laptops to work on presentations etc.

8: During week, ensure students are supervised during their time in office, local initiative lead joins the students / coordinates meetings with local leaders etc. Ensure sufficient breaks between meetings

9: Assign students with mentors who can help them continue their journey and dialogue. Recommend the students to share their experiences and lessons within their school and colleges

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